What you need to know about Paradise Travel Agency

Paradise Travel agency has closed its doors and its staff are set to be laid off.According to reports, the company has been facing a difficult financial situation.Paradise Travel was established in 2013 as a travel agency for Indian expats and had grown to serve over 100,000 travellers.However, as of April 2017, it had shut down […]

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How to get more out of travel agents

A lot of travel agencies have been offering the ability to offer a one-time $100 discount to get people to sign up for their service.While that’s great for the customer and the agency, there are a couple of drawbacks.The first is that it requires you to actually be there.It’s easy to forget that you’re actually […]

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What’s your favourite travel agency?

Gotogate has a new business, but it’s still offering a lot of the same services.With a small footprint, it’s got a pretty solid reputation.Its main competitor, GoGate, has a smaller footprint, but has been in business for a while.If you’re looking for a travel agency that offers the same level of service, get Gotogates new […]

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