Dearborn, Michigan – US tourist Tzell Travel Agency is offering $4,400 to a US visitor who wants to travel from Israel to the country.

“We’re doing it for tourists who want to get to Israel and spend a couple of nights there, but also because it’s a very beautiful place,” said Tzelle Travel Agency’s chief executive officer, Dan Golan.

“I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Golan added that it is part of the US government’s campaign to promote Israel as a destination for tourists.

Tzell is one of many travel agencies offering to provide US citizens who wish to travel by train or plane a chance to visit Israel for less than the price of a standard hotel stay.

Golan said the company has received a large number of inquiries from US citizens wanting to travel for a short time by train to Israel.

The trip costs $45 for a round-trip flight from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The trip costs an additional $40 for a day pass or a day passes at the airport for a week.

Tourism agencies are also being offered a discount on hotel stays at the Tel Aviv International Airport, according to Golan, as part of efforts to attract visitors to Israel for short stays.

The prices will be lower than the cost of the ticket, but will still have a value of at least US$100.

The cost will include airfare and other expenses.

Tickets can be booked online or by calling Golan at (616) 796-0333.

It’s not just the Israelis who are getting in on the act.

US President Donald Trump has recently visited the occupied West Bank, and the United Nations is set to vote later this month on a resolution that calls for Israel to relinquish full sovereignty over the occupied territories.

Israel’s government says the resolution is in line with its policy of ensuring the security of the state and its citizens.

The US State Department, however, has criticized the US-led boycott of Israel, and a draft resolution by the United Arab Emirates was blocked from passage by Israel and the US, which argued it would threaten peace in the region.

Israel and the UAE have said they will vote on the UAE resolution on October 27.

The United Nations and the Palestinian Authority have also voiced concern over the resolution. 

The Palestinian Authority and the UN have called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel’s withdrawal from the West Bank.