BOSTON (AP) As America grapples with the fallout from the hurricanes and wildfires, the nation’s largest cruise line is offering discounts to customers who want to book their trip on a cruise or plane.

White Travel and Vacation, which operates the popular White Star Line, announced Monday that it will offer an 11% discount for bookings of cruises, aircraft and car rentals between Sept. 10 and Oct. 15.

White will also offer a 30% discount on flights between Oct. 5 and Oct 14.

White will also pay the remaining 50% of bookings at the regular rate, which starts at $500.

White has been a favorite of travelers for its value for money, as well as for its proximity to the East Coast and the luxury of vacation accommodations.

Travelers who want a discount on the White Star line can book it through the White Travel Agency, an affiliate of White that specializes in discount travel.

The agency will pay the full rate of $400 on bookings, plus any applicable taxes, if booked on a White ship.

The agency has more than 50 locations nationwide, including New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami Beach.