When I got my resume in the mail, I was shocked to find it had been filled out in a business-like manner.

I asked the agent if she was a travel agent, and she said yes.

“You don’t need a career,” she said.

“I’m just here to serve you.

I don’t have one.”

So I asked if I could get a job.

She looked at me with a blank look.

“No, I don, because I don,” she replied.

It was then that I realised I was not the only one at the agency that felt like a train wreck.

Travel agents, like most people, struggle to get jobs in the industry.

They often struggle to find the right people to work for.

They are often the first people you call if you’re looking for work.

“There’s always a line of people, like, ‘I need help with something,'” says Jennifer Koss, a marketing and digital media specialist at the travel agency Womens Travel Group.

“Then you’re like, I have no idea what that is, and I’m like, Oh, wait a minute.

Is it just me?”

I got the same message when I applied for a job with an agency in Toronto, but I didn’t know what that was.

“It was kind of a surprise to me,” says Koss.

“They’re not really professionals, they’re just there to get people’s attention.”

The problem?

Travel agencies often don’t know where to find qualified talent.

They also have an uphill battle when it comes to getting them to train their staff.

The agency’s website lists “general travel talent” and “experienced travel talent.”

However, only two agencies in Canada have a hiring program that allows them to pay travel agents for training.

“A lot of travel agencies, they’ve done a good job of getting the talent that they want, but they’re not hiring the right talent,” says Women Travel Group’s Koss as she looks out the window at the parking lot of a hotel near her office.

“So that’s a big problem.”

The agency said it was looking for a full-time assistant to help the agency hire people who are qualified and have experience.

“We’ve been working with an employee who is already in the travel business,” the agency said in an email.

“She will be providing our travel agents with training in our office.”

It also said it is “looking for additional travel agency talent” who are interested in working in Toronto.

“The current staffing levels in our Toronto office are below the industry standard,” the email said.

Womnens Travel, the agency behind the ad campaign, says it was also looking for people with business-related experience who “will be able to help our agency to grow our business and grow our brand.”

“It’s very hard to find people who have that type of experience,” Koss says.

She says that, while she has experience in the business world, she didn’t think she had the necessary training to work in the job market.

The company said it “looks forward to hiring you in the coming months and years.”

“We’re happy to help you find the career path that’s right for you and the company you want to be,” it said in the email.

In a statement to CBC News, Womans Travel Group said it has been in the recruitment business for 25 years.

“To date, we have over 200 full- and part-time positions open in Toronto,” the statement read.

“This is a great opportunity to work at a company that is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience, and to support our agency members and clients as they explore opportunities to grow their careers.”

The company also says it is looking for employees with the ability to “understand our client’s business needs and to be responsive to our needs.”

“You’ll be helping to set our agency apart from the competition and bring our clients the best service experience and results they can get,” the company said.

In an email to CBC, Wompas said it wants to hire people “who can learn the industry’s requirements and culture,” adding that it will offer its travel agents “a salary range that will allow them to be competitive with our industry’s top-ranked agencies.”

Koss believes there are two issues with the agency’s recruitment process: the agency is using a “dog and pony show” to recruit, and the agency isn’t paying enough money to its travel agent.

“That’s the problem with hiring agencies: they’re always using the same process,” Kiss says.

“If they want to recruit someone, they can go and meet them at their agency.”

In the past, Koss has also seen a rise in the number of agencies looking to hire women.

“Every year, the number has been on the rise,” she says.

But Koss still says