A flight that takes passengers to London Heathrow Airport has been the subject of a viral internet sensation after being the subject to complaints from some passengers.

Online travel agency, Traveller Travel, said it was one of the airline’s most popular flights on its website.

It was not immediately clear why passengers had complained.

The flight from Dublin to London is one of Dublin’s main routes, and has been used by Dubliners to fly home from London’s Heathrow airport.

Online flight booking website Expedia said it also booked a Dublin-London flight for its Dublin office.

A spokesman for Traveller said it did not make any changes to the flight.

“The Dublin-Luton flight is not one of our favourite routes to fly to London, but we do have a number of exciting routes that are a good fit for our clients,” he said.

“These include our Dublin to Edinburgh route and Dublin to Birmingham route.”

Traveller said its Dublin-Glasgow flight was booked to London from February 2.

A spokeswoman for London’s Department of Transport said passengers would be informed if the flight was changed.

A decision on a change will be made at a later date.””

We are in the process of addressing this and we have been in contact with Traveller.”

A decision on a change will be made at a later date.

“Online travel site AirBnB said it booked a flight from Birmingham to London on Wednesday night.