Travellers looking for a trip on a helicopter are in for a treat as the airline will now offer the option to book flights using an aircraft to fly from Ireland to France, France to Norway and Norway to Australia.

The service will now only be available for flights between Ireland and France, with flights from Norway to Finland and from Finland to Australia available to book.

The new option will also allow flights from Finland and Australia to book from Europe.

In a statement, Kairos said the service would be launched on Wednesday and the company is confident the service will prove popular with tourists, who were previously restricted to a single option of helicopter travel.

The company is in talks with various carriers to offer helicopter flights, but said the initial rollout would be limited to those in the “most densely populated areas of Europe and North America”.

The new service will cost €2,500 for a helicopter and €2.50 per kilometre, which means that for every kilometre travelled, the airline would receive €2 in funding.

The airline said it was in talks to partner with some of the most popular airlines in the world.

“The most popular European and North American carriers will be offered the option, and the number of customers who will choose to travel on Kairos will also increase by an estimated 20% as the company expands the range of routes,” the statement said.

The pilot will fly from the airport in Dublin to France and back, then fly to Norway, where the helicopter will fly to Australia, then back to Ireland.

It will then take the helicopter to France.

The first flight on Thursday will take the plane to France on Friday.

The aircraft will then land at the base in Le Bourget, a suburb of Paris, before being transferred to a hangar in France where it will remain until Wednesday.

Kairos said it would operate its new helicopter service from a total of 16 locations in Europe, with the first landing on the coast of France and then flights to Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Kauros said that while the service is now available, there will still be limitations in place as the carrier has been working closely with its pilots to ensure it can offer the best possible service.

The latest move follows a number of similar announcements by other airlines in recent weeks.

In September, the US airline United announced it would launch its own helicopter service, which it said would allow people to travel from the United States to Iceland in two hours and 45 minutes.

It has also been suggested that Virgin Galactic, a US-based company, could launch its first helicopter flight from London to Paris, as well.