Travel agency Brekke has been forced to cancel all of its Perth and Adelaide booking events, with some events including the Melbourne to Brisbane trip costing over $500.

Key points:Bekke’s booking agent has said it will no longer book on the Perth to Brisbane routeBekkes booking agent says it is not charging more than the standard booking priceBekki will now only book on its Perth to Adelaide routeThe cancellation comes after a number of travel agencies said they would not book on Melbourne to Adelaide, which is a popular option for many Perth-bound travellers.

Bekikea’s booking agency said it would not be booking on Melbourne-Brisbane route because it was “too expensive”.

“We’ve made a very deliberate decision not to book on this route at this time,” spokeswoman Katie Hodge told

“Bekkis booking agent is not only charging more for our Perth to Melbourne travel, but also more for the other options that we offer.”

Bekkie booked an Adelaide to Brisbane flight on its website for $531.20, but the airline’s booking website shows the cost to cover all costs for the ticketed flight.

“It’s still a very reasonable price, it’s still competitive, and it’s a good way to make travel more affordable,” Ms Hodge said.

“Our goal is to make our customers as comfortable as possible when booking with us, so we’re really focused on doing that.”

But we’re very happy to make sure that we can make travel a lot more affordable for our customers, and we don’t want to hurt them with any booking price changes.

“Ms Hodge also said she had spoken with Brekkes booking agency and Brekka, which did not respond to questions.”

We’re really grateful that they’ve decided not to offer Melbourne to Melbourne,” Ms Lydon said.

The Melbourne to Perth route, which was popular among Perth-based travellers in the past, is not being affected, she said.

Ms Hinkle said Brekks booking agency did not make any changes to its Melbourne to Sydney booking, which costs around $350.

Ms Lydons travel agency is not doing any booking on the Brisbane to Melbourne route either.”

All of our Brisbane to Sydney travel is booked for Brekki,” she said, but “we don’t book for other travel agencies”.”

I have spoken with them and they said they were going to work with us on that.

They said they had no change plans.

“Melbourne to Brisbane travel is also a popular choice for Melbourne-bound Perth-resident couples travelling on the same itinerary.

Ms Nardella said the Melbourne- to Perth booking was a great way to save money on accommodation.”

A Melbourne-to-Bundaberg trip is cheaper than a Perth-to‑Bundas travel, and that’s just not true,” she told, adding that it was important to book a Melbourne- Brisbane trip when you could afford to.”

There are other options for booking a Melbourne to Bundas or Sydney-Bungi to Brisbane, so you don’t have to spend more money on travel.

“She said that Melbourne-specific booking events were not affecting travel, because there were plenty of other events available.”

People should be able to go out and explore and do whatever they want,” she added.”

If you want to travel in Melbourne, that’s great.

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