Lonely Planet has issued a statement about the boycott, calling it a “misleading campaign” that will only “undermine our credibility and drive our business away.”

“Lonely Planet is proud to be a travel partner with Travel & Leisure, which supports a vibrant and diverse business community that has led the way in redefining travel experiences in a more consumer-friendly environment,” the company said.

“Travel & Leight have a strong track record of being leaders in the industry and we hope that this boycott will not detract from that.”

The boycott has come after the Lonely Planet, which is owned by American travel giant Expedia, announced a partnership with Disney and Universal Studios.

The deal was signed in May.

Travel & leisure, based in Denmark, is a division of Norwegian company Lonely Planet Group.

The company also has a portfolio of travel and leisure brands, including the Lonely Book of the World and the Lonely Travel Guide.