The official Pakistan Tourism Agency, the country’s official travel agency, has announced its launch of its own digital platform, with a new team of 10 people who will work on social media, mobile and mobile apps.

The team, called PTA, will be focused on content and content marketing.

It will be run by the team behind PTA and will be responsible for all of the agency’s content and promotion.

PTA will also be the agency that will host events and provide social media coverage for the agency, which is currently located in the capital city of Pashto.

The team will also work on building a mobile app, but no details about that have been shared at this point.

The team will be based in Pashtu and will focus on social networking and content.

The launch of the app comes at a time when the government is looking to boost its social media presence and the agency has already raised a few million dollars to launch its platform.

PSA’s announcement comes after the launch of an official Pashtun travel agency on Monday, and the move comes at the same time that the government announced the launch the Pashtuns official travel app in Pahang.