A travel agency in Thailand was given a “thorough review” by its own travel agency after it was flagged as a travel agency with questionable links to ISIS.

The Bangkok Post reported Tuesday that Thailand Travel Agency has been accused of links to the terrorist group and was forced to change its name after a government watchdog said the agency did not “follow all safety protocols.”

The Thai government is also investigating the company after the Post reported that its manager was accused of taking bribes from two businessmen with ties to ISIS, the newspaper reported.

The agency’s director told the Post that the two businessmen were “friends of the agency’s boss,” but said that the agency would not name them.

The company is being investigated for links to Islamic State and the country’s new anti-terrorism law, which came into force on March 1.

According to the Post, Thailand Travel agency’s new director told a meeting of its board of directors last week that the company had “issues with our management team.”

The board voted in February to change the company’s name to Fliggy Travel Agency and to suspend the agency as a subsidiary of Bangkok Travel Agency.