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Fligy Travel Agency is one of the biggest travel agencies in the US, serving both the travel industry and the general public.Their website has a lot of great information about hotels, air travel, car rentals, restaurants, and more.It’s not a bad idea to use their site to find travel sites, but it’s a little too […]

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How to get around the shreveports beach resort traffic

Travel agents in Shreveport have been inundated with calls from travelers worried about the increased traffic on the beach resort’s roads and highways.The Shreveports City Council on Monday voted to require travel agents to install traffic cameras to help monitor traffic on major thoroughfares.Travel agents are currently required to install cameras on major intersections, but […]

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Man kills wife in Philippines

A man killed his wife and then fled the country after they were arrested in Manila, authorities said on Friday.Thailand police said they found a man and his wife in Manila after they entered the Philippines on a fishing boat on Thursday night.They were taken to a hospital where they were pronounced dead.Authorities said they […]

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How to find the best travel agencies in Tucson

Tucson’s top travel agencies are a must for anyone wanting to make the most of their time in the United States. Top travel agencies with the best locations for travellers There are plenty of options to choose from if you’re in need of a trip. Some offer short-term travel options or are family friendly, while others offer […]

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