By Lee S. LeeHow to make the best travel agent by Lee S, Lee S-Lee, a former senior vice president of the Travel Association, the trade association that represents major travel companies.

Lee’s latest book is “Travel Agents for Everyone,” which is available now.

Lee S.

Lee has a background in marketing and advertising.

She started a travel agency in 1994 and has been the CEO of Travel Association since 2009.

Her clients include airlines, hotels, cruise lines, cruise ships, airlines, airlines and cruise lines.

Her most recent book is the best-selling “Travel Agent: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Extraordinary Agent” (New York Times Bestsellers, 2009).

Lee is also a former CEO of Priceline.

She began her career at Priceline as an executive assistant, then became its vice president and then CEO.

Her first big move was to replace a board member who was fired after the company went public in 1999.

She left the company in 2001.

She then founded Priceline Travel to grow the travel industry.

Lee’s experience includes running companies, including Travel Agents for everyone, a travel company.

She also is a founding partner of a travel consultancy, The Best Travel Consultants in the World, with her husband, Scott.