New York, NY — Airlines are planning to close at least three more U.S. airports for a second day, as airlines scramble to meet demand amid a nationwide travel slump.

Aeropostale, a United Airlines subsidiary, is scheduled to close two U.K.-based airports on Friday and close one in the U.P. on Saturday, the airline said in a statement.

The U.I.G. and Aeromexico have also planned to close the airports.

“We expect to continue operating at the reduced capacity levels we had on Saturday until the end of the week,” the company said in the statement.

The closures come as airlines continue to struggle with a shortage of seats at American and Delta Air Lines, which are facing a crisis of its own as it struggles to keep passengers coming in.

American Airways is expected to continue flying on Monday and on Tuesday, while Delta said on Friday it would shut down at 12:01 a.m.

EDT on Monday for its flight between New York and New Jersey, citing a shortage.

U.S.-based Delta said it plans to shut down its flight from New York’s JFK airport to Boston on Saturday.

Both airlines said they would cancel flights between Chicago and Los Angeles in response to the crisis.

The airline is also considering reducing flights to the Chicago-based JFK airport and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the carriers said in separate statements.

Delta and United Airlines have struggled for weeks to keep their passengers coming into the U, especially with travelers from other countries and other parts of the world, and some airlines are scrambling to keep up.

Since the beginning of the year, airlines have canceled more than 1.8 million flights in the United States and Europe, according to data from Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

As of Friday, there were 4.8 billion U.N. travelers in the world.

About 5.7 million flights were canceled last month, down from 6.3 million a year earlier, according the travel industry group Airline Pilots Association.

Last week, the U .


Security Council imposed sanctions on Russia and North Korea after their latest ballistic missile tests.

On Wednesday, the European Union suspended a deal on Russian and North Korean cooperation in the field of space exploration, with the European Space Agency saying it would reduce cooperation on projects related to exploration, utilization and launch of satellites.

Meanwhile, U.L.C.O., the company that operates the Dulles International Airport in Virginia, is planning to cut flights to New York from mid-June, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Airport operators in China, the Middle East and other countries are also preparing for the possibility of closing the airports in response, the spokesman said.

Dulles Airport, which opened in 1967, is the second busiest U.H.S airport.