We’ve all heard it: you can go to a destination, get a ride, and then find a travel agent to book you a trip.

But how do you know if a travel service is legitimate and if it has your best interests at heart?

Here are five ways to determine if a service is legit, whether it has a valid offer, and whether you’ll actually be getting a ride.1.

Is the agency registered?

If the agency’s website is up-to-date and the name of the owner or agency matches a known company or business, that’s good enough.

But if the company doesn’t match the name on the website, the company may not be legit.

If it doesn’t have the correct address, then it’s probably not a travel services company.

If you know the address, look for a phone number.

Look for a business that’s listed in the state where the company’s registered or a state where its not registered.

Look at a company’s business cards, including the business name.

If the company does have a phone, look at their website.

If you don’t have access to a phone or have to pay a small deposit to get a hold, look online for a travel insurance policy.2.

Does the agency advertise in the local newspaper?

If you’re looking to travel, there are plenty of reputable travel agencies that advertise in local papers and on local websites.

You can also search the websites of the companies that advertise with you.

If a travel-related company isn’t listed on the travel agency’s websites, the business isn’t a legitimate travel agency.

But the company can still advertise on a website if you ask nicely.3.

Does it provide a travel quote?

If it does, it’s likely a legitimate business that advertises with you, even if the prices and services aren’t accurate.

But you might want to check for the accuracy of the travel quote you’re receiving before you sign on the dotted line.

A reputable travel agency might charge you for a quote, or even try to charge you a commission.

If they do this, it might be an attempt to make a profit.4.

Does a travel guide exist?

If not, there’s a good chance that the travel service advertised with you doesn’t exist.

If there’s no travel guide, the travel agent might have done an online search or have published an online guide to guide you.

But even if a guide is out there, it doesn.5.

Does an ad for the travel services business exist on Google?

If a company offers a service that has no website, or the travel agents website doesn’t show up in Google, that may be an indication that the company isn.

If that’s the case, then the travel agencies business isn: not legitimate, or in a state that doesn’t allow travel services.