Florida’s first privately owned commercial air travel service will start flying people for free to destinations like Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles.

Fliers will travel with a flight attendant, who will be paid in cash.

The pilot will receive a $250,000 grant from the state.

The company’s new pilot, David Hulley, said he and his partners will be flying around the world on a private aircraft, so it’s not just a business venture.

“It’s an opportunity to travel, meet new people, and be around interesting people,” he said.

“I hope it makes people smile.”

The pilot’s first flight will be in February, Hulleys partners said in a news release.

He is the first person to be certified by the FAA as a private pilot.

The airline has two commercial pilots and four pilots working in its pilot training program.

The flight is free, but Hulleys partners say the service will cost about $1,000 to fly, which will include taxes and fees.

Hulles partners are seeking more pilots, and the company will be hiring in Florida by the end of the year.

Hulsley said he has no intention of stopping.

“The world is changing, and we’re excited to be here with a team that knows how to innovate and build a platform that will enable the future,” he wrote on the company’s website.

The flights will cost $9,995 for one person.

HULLEY, a pilot for nearly 10 years, was the only person to receive the FAA certification in 2016, and he said he hopes to make flying a routine part of his job.

He said his experience flying private planes will allow him to take a different approach to the industry.

“This is a new frontier,” he told CNNMoney.

“A lot of people have already tried this.

They’ve tried all kinds of things and failed.

And we’re here to try it.”

The company plans to hire 50 pilots and 20 flight attendants in Florida and one in Mexico.

The new company plans on operating its flights in Las Vegas and Los Vegas.