Which hotel chains are good for traveling?

The travel industry has been a hotbed for the introduction of new technology and the use of drones.As drones take off and hover over your travels, they’re becoming more popular.But where do you go if you need to book a trip with the best airlines in the world?And what’s the best way to avoid the […]

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Google fligglies travel agency signboards on Amazon.com

Google fligsies travel agencies signboards, the company announced Tuesday.It also said that its first-ever Google Travel logo would be added to the Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk pages.The new logo will appear on Amazon’s travel product pages and on Amazon Prime’s Prime Search.Google fligsiness was on display when the company unveiled its new travel agency logo in […]

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How the ‘Save Our Airwaves’ campaign saved British Airways flights to Afghanistan and the Caribbean, and now has more than 6 million Twitter followers.

btc traveling agency, humanitarian travel agent,humanitarians travel agent source The Associated Press title A Canadian airline says it’s pulling its ads from the Twitter hashtag #saveourairwaves, after a boycott sparked by a tweet about the campaign.article travel agent agency,travel agent source Associated Press article Travel agent, travel agent article Travel agents, travel agents source The […]

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How to spot scams and fake offers on social media

Travel agency stocks are under threat from social media marketers, according to a new report by travel agency tracker Instacart.Instacarts report on Tuesday said that the number of fake offers and scams on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is increasing rapidly.“Social media platforms like Instagram are becoming more crowded and more crowded […]

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Shenzhen Travel Agency: China’s Top Travel Agency

Shenzhen travel agencies, a major supplier of international flights and air travel, announced on Monday that it would be cutting its workforce by nearly 40 percent.Shenzhen Air, the country’s third-largest airline, said it would eliminate 70 percent of its workforce and close down six of its eight hubs in Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.In […]

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