How to find travel agencies that fit your budget

The travel agency industry is exploding.From travel agents to budget airlines, the world of travel has exploded.This infographic shows what to look for when trying to choose the best travel agency for you.Read More , but many of the agencies in this infographic are relatively unknown to the general public.There are plenty of websites, like […]

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How to make a good travel paramedic agency

A little known fact about travel paramedics is that they are not really doctors.They are actually travel agents.This means they offer you a lot of the same services as a general practitioner but they are actually medical professionals and they do some of the things that doctors do, like provide you with diagnostic tests and […]

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How the world of entertainment is changing in 2018

Travel agency Gateway Travel recently released its 2017 World Travel Awards, and one of the nominees was a popular travel agency in Peru.Gateway took home a whopping $30 million, making it one of only two travel agencies that earned more than $100 million.According to the agency, this award was based on “the industry’s highest performance […]

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